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I have been told I'm doing art theft, because of the Namco Logo I've put up, here is why like I've told a fellow Artist:


"I have searched the font, created the logo, and put on the Namco Logo to show that it is Copyright to Namco Bandai Games and that I did not create the CG Art, in respect to them and also if people would like to find out more, to visit their website, which I have put in the Web Address underneath the logo. I've thought of this to be appropriate to do, since like I said, I'm not the creator of the CG Art, that they are. :hmm:

I have read the DeviantART Terms of Service, and this is why I've put on the logo also with the Web Address, and also giving Credits to Namco Bandai Games in the description to make sure that people do know of the copyright to them. Thank you though for your concern and in warning me. It is gladly appreciated. :w00t: "


I hope that this would be understandable. I'm a great fan of Namco's work, and a dream to one day go and work there. They where also my inspiration to go and study Web Development, and to have gotten a love in fine art also and great detail. I've thought this to be only right to them. If there is though trouble with this to the moderators on DeviantART, please let me know then, that I could remove the logo.

Regarding the CG Art's too, someone said that I'm "stealing" it. Well, then what of the rest of the Tekken Fans, or the other game fans for that matter who upload their favorite character? These CG's Namco Bandai Games has released, has released them for us to create our own fan arts and so forth with. If Namco Bandai Games didn't want us to have them, then why are they releasing fan kits and the CG's to the public to use for personal use? If they didn't want us to have it, then the would have never released it. No one can expect Namco Bandai Games to write each and every single fan, a written permission for each every single character and game they ever made.

We as fans are allowed to use these CG's as long as we give them credit for it, and as long as we do not claim them as our own or sell them to make a profit from it. I have written to Katsuhiro Harada regarding this issue, and he still hasn't replied me. So, if anyone has a problem with that, then why don't we all write to him, and ask him his permission then, since he is the project team leader of Tekken and the Game Director/Chief Producer of the Fighting games? I can guarantee you now, he will not so much as reply you. And if he does, he will ask you why you are asking permission if they already gave permission on those terms, when they started releasing the CG's and the Fan Kits.

I really really hope this is understandable.

Kind regards,

Namco Font can be found on

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Current Residence: South Africa
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Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Digital
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Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
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4 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (Card Size: 1GB)

MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: JIN KAZAMA or DEVIL JIN!!!!! and no text written on that wallpaper...
Skin of choice: Any black skin with nice tribal on it
Favourite cartoon character:

Sam from Danny Phantom
Rico from Penguins Of Madagascar
Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon Series)
Entire Naruto Shippuden (Naruto Manga Series)
Gohan from Dragon Ball Z
Entire RWBY (Online Series on Rooster Teeth)

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Here are a few links I thought I'd share...


Photoshop Brushes:


Photoshop Tutorials:


You know... There's something I just don't get...

My entire life I've always been blamed for everything that goes wrong in this life. And when I try to bring my point across, then I get told that I think like a child and argue like a child... That no one can argue with me.. Nothing I do or say is ever good enough. 

Last night, while I did the Copic Color Pallet to look more clean and professional, etc, my mother started an argument with me, because I'm unemployed. Saying that art has no future for me. That I must go out and find a real job. That my art doesn't bring in money... Yet is it my fault that my art doesn't get bought? Is it my fault that people tell me they would like to have a copy of my art, yet are unwilling to pay for it? That they would rather want it for free....

I asked her that... then she told me that people want art that's framed.. sure, I can do that, but I can't afford it. That's why I draw digitally. And even if I would be able to frame it and sell it like that, then people would still have excuses and say they would rather have it for free and not pay for it. Like a few people did before, and a few people telling me they refuse to pay for stuff I draw, as their friends would draw it even better than I did and that their friends would draw it for them free of charge. A few of my stuff are for sale on DeviantART... and DeviantART gives you an option on how you want to buy the product, etc. Yet I've never had one sale yet... Which makes me wonder if people even like what I draw? People tell me everyday when they see me "Oh, you are so talented!" yet what does that help me? Nothing! I honestly don't feel "talented".

I feel like this huge useless, worthless, dumb screwed up failure! Sometimes I even wonder why I still even try and draw... Because what's the point? 

I've been asked how many times "What's your dream? Do you have dreams?" ... I had dreams... They've been broken down and stepped on. Everything I ever had an interest in, people would find annoying, disgusting, repulsive, unimportant...a waste.... etc...

People tell me daily, be positive, that things will get better... But things never do... I honestly have no reason to be positive, because what I experience makes me negative. The way people treat me, the way thing happen and the way things go every single day, what I get told, what I get wished upon, what I try, and then ending up in failure ... that doesn't give me any reason to be positive. 

I get told, "PRAY! Things will get better. your prayers will be answered!" But for what? My prayers only hit the ceiling, and I'm pretty sure, most of the times, when arriving, gets returned, "Recipient unknown!" 

I told her tonight, if I'm such a huge disappointment as I've been told by everyone, then why not just do everyone and myself a huge favor and just kill me and get it over with? I anyway don't want to be in this world. I don't belong here.. I never belonged here, yet each time that I fell into a danger situation that would have had fatal consequences, for some unknown reason, nothing happened to me... Not even attempted suicide succeeded... They all failed.. I so wish one would have succeeded... Honestly, only reason I'm here for, is to suffer, to hear how useless and worthless I am, how unwanted I am, what a disappointment I am... and to see how I spiral down further and further into this shit hole of life I don't want to the in...

But yeah.. and I don't get why and how people can tell me to continue believing I'll achieve my "dream" (Not that I have one anymore.. it were killed a long time ago by everyone around me) and then at the same time tell me that it will never realize. That I'll never achieve it. That it's just a far fetched fantasy. And I don't get it why people always have to drag religion into arguments. When me and my mom argued earlier, she said "It's because you believe in all kind of shit, that's why it goes with you as it goes!" and she's not the only one that told me that before... Yet I don't believe everything the preacher tells me like a blind, dumb sheep, and "Yes and Amen!" at everything they say. I go and read up on what's truth and what's not. Saying "Why does everyone else think the same and speak the same, except you? You are always against the stream!" Yet I'm not the only one that reason like I do and argue like I do... we are many.. everyone I know, all speak, reason and think the same.. that she and my family are the only ones that reason like they do... They believe everything and follow everything blindly, not questioning anything if it's fact or not, truth or not...

I honestly don't get it... And I'm sorry and I apologise about the rant, but I honestly don't get it and don't want to be here in this world... why?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why do I have to endure all the shit of this world? I honestly can't take it anymore... Only thing I can think of the past few months again are of creative ways to commit suicide... I had it... And I hate it when people come and sugar coat stuff, and don't say things how they are... Yet people in my life loves to struggle, they love to beat around the bush, they love to "You can't say that!" shit at me the whole time...

...But yeah.. I doubt anyone would read this journal either ... doesn't matter either... I'm just so tired of everything ... I had enough... I want out... permanently  ... I wish ... I wish someone would just come shoot me dead and put me out of my misery ...  

If you like, you can follow me on my Facebook Page, as I update that more, than I do my Journal it would seem.. Blush Pray

And that concludes the end of my journal update also... Till later then.. CDI salute you! 

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